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Renowned American YouTuber popularly known as MrBeast has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Widely recognised as a pioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunts, MrBeast has gained fame for his engaging videos and philanthropic acts, giving away millions of dollars to viewers and charities alike. This has triggered a devoted fan base who nicknamed him “Santa of YouTube”.

Not only does MrBeast hold the distinction of being one of the highest-paid YouTubers worldwide, but his channel also stands as a testament to his immense influence. Boasting the largest YouTube channel dedicated to a single content creator, MrBeast’s super engaging Youtube videos have amassed an impressive viewership, with over 150 million subscribers to date.

Moreso, MrBeast’s remarkable financial success extends far beyond his YouTube career. He has fearlessly delved into diverse business ventures, each playing a significant role in his ever-increasing wealth. MrBeast is known for several reinvestments into the quality of his production, alongside co-founding a popular fast-food chain, Beast Burgers.

Full NameJimmy Donaldson
Net Worth$100 million
Date of Birth and PlaceMay 7, 1998 / Kansas, U.S
Occupations(s)YouTuber, Philanthropist, Businessman
Marital StatusIn a Relationship

Who is Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)?

MrBeast in Paris to film a video (Source: Instagram)

Born in 1998, Jimmy has amassed an impressive chunk of wealth through his YouTube and business ventures, positioning him as a multi millionaire at a very young age. His full name is Jimmy Donaldson, but he is widely known as MrBeast, many also call him by his nickname, “Santa of YouTube”. Jimmy Donaldson spent his formative years alongside his beloved brother in Greenville, North Carolina where he was born. Completing his high school education at a private institution in North Carolina, Greenville Christian Academy in 2016, Jimmy laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Eager to pursue higher education, Jimmy embarked on a college journey. Although his path took an unexpected turn, he made the difficult decision to discontinue his studies during the first year. As a result, Jimmy found himself navigating a different path pursuing a YouTube career full time. Beyond his academic pursuits, Jimmy has faced the additional hurdle of battling Crohn’s Disease, a condition that has undoubtedly shaped his experiences and tested his resilience. However, despite the trials he has faced, it is heartening to know that Jimmy is currently enjoying a period of well-being and renewed vitality and has achieved significant milestones in his YouTube career. In addition to his success as a YouTuber, Jimmy has also emerged as a reputable person in the realm of philanthropy, organizing fundraisers for crucial causes such as tree planting and ocean conservation. In addition to his charitable endeavors, MrBeast also ventured into diverse projects that showcased his versatility.

EducationGreenville Christian Academy
HobbiesPlaying games
Height6 ft 2 inΒ (188 cm)
Weight180 lbs (82 kg)
Zodiac SignTaurus

Jimmy Donaldson A.K.A MrBeast embarked on his YouTube journey at the tender age of 12, assuming the username “MrBeast6000”. During these early days of his YouTube career, the channel only showcased video game commentaries, reaction videos, and entertaining compilations. However, his presence in the realm of YouTube was catapulted into the limelight in 2017 when he released a daring and extravagant stunt video. The video was tagged “counting to 100,000,” there, he spent 44 hours counting to 100,000. The video garnered over 21 million views, cementing his influence in the industry. This triggered him into venturing into subsequent stunt videos to further captivate a larger audience. MrBeast’s subsequent ventures, such as counting to 200,000, reading the entire dictionary, reciting the “Bee Movie” script, embarking on a cross-country Uber trip, chanting “Logan Paul” 100,000 times, and enduring a grueling 10-hour marathon of the infamous Jake Paul music video “It’s Every Day Bro,” had also captivated audiences worldwide.

In addition to his remarkable achievements on YouTube, MrBeast has also ventured into the culinary world, leaving a significant mark. One notable accomplishment came in December 2020 when he unveiled the “Beast Burger,” a collaboration with over 300 restaurants across the United States. Through this remarkable collaboration, MrBeast has achieved extraordinary sales, exceeding the impressive milestone of selling over a million burgers to date. This accomplishment highlights his entrepreneurial prowess and demonstrates how he can transform his influential online presence into real-world success.

What is Jimmy Donaldson’s Net Worth in 2023?

Jimmy Donaldson popularly called by his YouTube username, MrBeast has a remarkable net worth of $100 million, which has positioned him as one of the highest-paid YouTubers globally. MrBeast’s influence and earning prowess are truly exceptional. His monthly income from YouTube ads alone exceeds a minimum of $3 million, and this doesn’t even account for the additional revenue generated through in-video brand deals.

Reports revealed that his endeavors on YouTube, merchandise sales, and collaborations with esteemed brands like Microsoft and Electronic Arts earned him a staggering $24 million in 2020. The following year, in 2021, his income surged to an impressive $50 million, with approximately $30 million coming from YouTube ads and $10 million from sponsorships. Apparently, what sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to his craft. He reinvests a significant portion of his video earnings into production, dedicating up to $300,000 on a single video.

Beyond his financial success, MrBeast’s impact is magnified by the philanthropic angle he brings to his stunts. He exhibits an extraordinary generosity, from giving money to strangers to even adopting an entire shelter of rescue dogs. Such actions have endeared him to millions, earning him a well-deserved reputation as a phenomenal personality who has achieved immense success in a remarkably short period.

Jimmy Donaldson’s YouTube Career: MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, Beast Reacts

Emerging from a state of being unknown as a YouTuber in the early 2010s, the remarkable journey of MrBeast, has propelled him to become one of the foremost personalities and highest-earning individuals in the YouTube landscape within a span of less than a decade.

As of mid-2023, MrBeast’s three primary YouTube channels: MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts, collectively amassed an astounding total of over 210 million subscribers. Among his channels, the MrBeast channel reigns supreme with the largest subscriber base. As mentioned earlier, his breakthrough into the limelight came with the release of the video titled “counting to 100,000” in 2017. This captivating endeavor saw him investing 44 hours of his time to reach the remarkable milestone. Presently, his YouTube accounts boast a combined subscriber count exceeding 210 million, while amassing billions of views across his captivating videos.

MrBeast has honed his unique video style, which revolves around daring and costly feats, as well as endurance challenges. Along his journey, he has generously rendered millions of dollars upon his viewers and extended significant donations to numerous charitable causes. MrBeast had openly acknowledged that he does not seek personal profit from his videos, opting instead to reinvest the earnings entirely into production ventures. The combination of his elaborate video creations and his benevolent character has endeared him to audiences worldwide, establishing him as one of YouTube’s most beloved creators. This remarkable interest and followership also extends to other social media platforms as showcased below.

Social Media (July 2023)MrBeast’s Followers/Subscribers
YouTube217.4 million
Twitter21.5 million
Facebook13 million
Instagram38.5 million

MrBeast’s Million-Dollar Sponsorships and Award-Winning Achievements

As MrBeast continued to bag buzzing accomplishments in the digital landscape, it was widely reported that he charges a staggering $1 million per month to serve as the primary sponsor of his main video page. Notably, in March, MrBeast secured credit bureau Experian as his sponsor. Considering his numerous other channel sponsorships, it is reasonable to believe that he generates a minimum of $1 million, thereby reaching an astounding total of $2 million.

Moreover, MrBeast’s outstanding contributions have earned him nominations for several prestigious awards throughout his career. In 2019, he was awarded the Breakout Creator title at the esteemed Streamy Awards. During the same year, he received nominations for both Ensemble Cast and Creator of the Year. In 2020, MrBeast’s remarkable achievements continued as he triumphed in multiple categories at the Streamy Awards, including, Creator of the Year, Live Special, Social Good: Creator, Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO.

Additionally, he was honored with the coveted YouTuber of the Year award at the Shorty Awards in the same year. MrBeast’s accomplishments extended into 2021 when he was nominated for the esteemed Favorite Male Social Star category at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Stepping into 2022, MrBeast claimed victory at the Kids’ Choice Awards, winning the prestigious Favorite Male Creator award. His triumph was further celebrated as he joyfully embraced the traditional sliming that accompanies the award.

MrBeast’s Commitment to Philanthropy

Renowned for his YouTube success that is embedded with philanthropic acts, MrBeast has literally elevated his charitable efforts to extraordinary levels. An act that stands out among many is his selfless decision to give away his first brand deal, valued at $10,000. Reflecting on this, Donaldson humbly shared with Forbes, “I don’t want to play it up too much. It just felt good. It’s a world where I take 10 grand and light it on fire and make 20 grand.” This act of kindness is a testament to his generosity and the impact he seeks to create.

The Beast Philanthropy website reveals a staggering track record of giving. Donaldson has donated over 5.5 million pounds of food, facilitated the delivery of more than 4.5 million meals, and provided nourishment to nearly 300,000 individuals. These efforts underline his commitment to alleviating hunger and making a tangible difference in countless lives. In 2022, he also extended his support by donating a substantial sum of $3 million to aid Ukrainian refugees. This generous contribution enabled the provision of essential supplies, including soap, shoes, food, and vital medical resources, offering much-needed relief to those affected by the crisis.

Not limiting his benevolence to a single cause, MrBeast also directed $300,000 towards students in need. His contributions included valuable school supplies such as laptops and tablets, empowering young minds to pursue their educational aspirations. Furthermore, displaying his concern for the well-being of others, MrBeast personally financed cataract surgeries for 1,000 individuals. Given that cataract surgery expenses are estimated to typically range between $1,600 and $6,000, his support aimed at restoring vision and improving the quality of life for those in need.

Bottom Line

Jimmy Donaldson’s journey from a young YouTuber to a philanthropist and businessman exemplifies his resilience, creativity, and commitment to making a positive impact. Widely known as MrBeast, he has achieved remarkable success and amassed a net worth of $100 million through his YouTube career, business ventures, and philanthropic endeavors.

His success serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of combining passion, innovation, and generosity to achieve remarkable heights. With over 200 million subscribers and the largest YouTube channel dedicated to a single content creator, MrBeast’s influence and impact are undeniable.

Notably, what sets MrBeast apart is not just his financial achievements, but also his extraordinary generosity. He has given away millions of dollars to viewers and charities, organizing fundraisers and supporting causes such as tree planting, ocean conservation, and aiding Ukrainian refugees. His philanthropic efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals, whether through providing meals, essential supplies, or financing cataract surgeries.

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