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As of 2023, Justin Verlander’s net worth is estimated to be $170 million. Justin Verlander is one of the greatest pitchers of his generation and a future Hall of Famer. Over his 18-year career, he has amassed an incredible resume and earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

Full NameJustin Brooks Verlander
Net Worth$170 million
Date of Birth and PlaceFebruary 20, 1983 / Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, U.S.
Occupations(s)Professional baseball pitcher
Marital StatusMarried
Kate Upton with Justin Verlander on the red carpet at the “#LEGENDARYFUTURE” Roadshow 2018 New York (Source: Getty)

Who is Justin Verlander?

Verlander was born in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia in 1983. Verlander’s talent was evident from an early age, but his family couldn’t afford expensive baseball camps and personal coaches. Verlander’s father would spend hours pitching to Justin in their backyard, providing invaluable practice and mentorship.

Justin grew up watching his father pitch in the Richmond Braves minor league system. Justin showed pitching promise from a young age, striking out 17 batters in a youth league championship game at age 13. His dad instilled in him a love of baseball and a dedication to hard work and mental toughness from an early age. He attended Old Dominion University and played college baseball for the Monarchs. Verlander brought that same bulldog mentality to the major leagues when the Detroit Tigers drafted him second overall in 2004.

Verlander made his MLB debut just two years later, an impressive feat for such a young pitcher. Still, Verlander’s first years in the majors weren’t easy. He struggled with control issues and confidence, posting high ERAs and walk rates.

After a few seasons of struggles and adjustments, Verlander emerged as one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. From 2009 to 2022, he won three Cy Young Awards, an MVP, two pitching Triple Crowns, and appeared in nine All-Star games. In that span, the Tigers were perennial contenders thanks in large part to having Verlander anchoring their rotation.

Even during the offseason, Justin found ways to continue improving, whether it was lifting weights, playing winter ball or simply throwing against a wall.

Verlander’s Breakout Success

Verlander had a breakout season in 2009, leading the American League in wins and finishing 2nd in Cy Young voting. He proved that was no fluke, winning the Cy Young and MVP in 2011 on the strength of an astonishing 24-5 record and 2.40 ERA. At just 28 years old, Verlander had reached the pinnacle of pitching success.

Though Verlander did struggle at times and dealt with injuries, he never lost his determination and dedication to greatness. That perseverance paid off in 2019 when he helped lead the Houston Astros to a World Series championship and earned the series MVP. At age 36, when many pitchers start to decline, Verlander turned in one of the best seasons of his career and proved he still has plenty left in the tank.

Justin Verlander is an iconic name in Major League Baseball. The veteran pitcher for the Houston Astros has had a storied career since debuting with the Detroit Tigers in 2005. With a long list of accolades, including being an nine-time MLB All-Star, AL MVP and Cy Young Award winner, and two-time AL Cy Young Award winner, Verlander has established himself as one of the greatest pitchers of his generation.

“The motivation really comes from wanting to prove myself and show that even a guy from a small town in North Carolina can succeed at the highest level,” Justin says. “I still wake up every day excited for the opportunity to go out there and compete.” Verlander knows the importance of believing in yourself and setting lofty goals like one day getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a 10-year old, and he credits video games with helping develop his love of the sport at a young age.

EducationOld Dominion University (ODU)
HobbiesGolf, hunting
Height6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight224 lbs (102 kg)
Zodiac SignPisces

Some of Verlander’s career highlights include:

  • Winning the Cy Young Award and MVP in 2011, becoming just the 10th pitcher in MLB history to achieve both in the same season.
  • Winning the pitching Triple Crown in 2011 by leading the AL in wins, ERA, and strikeouts.
  • Pitching two no-hitters, in 2007 and 2011. The 2011 no-hitter was especially memorable as he had a perfect game going into the 8th inning.
  • Winning his first World Series championship with the Houston Astros in 2017. Verlander was instrumental in the Astros’ playoff run that season after being traded from Detroit.
  • Surpassing 2000 career strikeouts as a Tiger, making him the only pitcher in team history to achieve that milestone.
  • Nine All-Star selections and over 3,250 career strikeouts, putting him in elite company.
Justin Verlander #35 of the Houston Astros throws in the bullpen (Source: Getty Images)

What is Justin Verlander’s net worth in 2023?

Justin Verlander’s net worth is estimated to be around $170 million in 2023. Over his 18 seasons in the big leagues, Verlander has amassed quite a fortune. This includes $230 million in career earnings and various endorsement deals, as well as investments and business ventures.

Verlander’s on-field success has translated to massive financial rewards. He has earned over $300 million in his career so far, including $94 million in endorsements from brands like Under Armour, Rawlings, and Oakley.

While Verlander has battled injuries in recent years, he remains one of the highest-paid players in baseball, earning $43 million for the 2023 season alone at the age of 40.

Some of his biggest deals include:

  • A 5-year, $80 million extension with the Tigers in 2010.
  • A 7-year, $180 million extension in 2013, which at the time made him the highest-paid pitcher in MLB.
  • A 2-year, $66 million deal with the Houston Astros in 2017. Verlander was traded to the Astros mid-season and helped lead them to a World Series title.
  • A 2-year, $66 million extension with the Astros in 2019 to keep him in Houston through 2021.
  • A 2-year, $86,666,666 contract with the New York Mets, including $86,666,666 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $43,333,333.

Verlander’s career earnings so far are just shy of $350 million. And with at least one more years left on his current Mets deal, he’ll easily surpass the $350 million mark in total career earnings.

Verlander’s Success On and Off The Field

On the field, Verlander has been one of the most dominant pitchers of his generation. He has a career 3.25 ERA, over 3,250 strikeouts, and two no-hitters including a third no-hitter – one of only six pitchers in MLB history with three or more no-nos.

Off the field, Verlander has used his success and fame to pursue various business interests and endorsements. He has sponsorship deals with brands like Breitling watches, and his Wife Kate Upton. He and Kate teamed up with Triple Roast Coffee to launch their own blend called Verlander’s Victory Blend. Verlander also owns an ownership stake in the Flow virtual reality platform and has invested in companies like Snapchat, HOMER Logistics and the wellness brand Theragun.

The Spoils of Verlander’s success

Verlander lives with his wife, model Kate Upton, in a lavish mansion in Los Angeles during the offseason. He has a car collection worth millions, including a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. Though Verlander comes from a modest background, his dedication and perseverance have provided him and his family financial security for generations.

With huge paychecks coming his way each year, Verlander enjoys an incredibly lavish lifestyle. He owns extravagant homes in Michigan, Florida, and Virginia. Verlander reportedly drops up to $500,000 per year on food, fine wine, and luxury travel.

The Heart of a Champion

While the trapping of wealth can be alluring, Verlander also uses his fortune to give back. He runs the Wins for Warriors Foundation, which provides support for military veterans and families. Verlander has donated over $1 million to various charities that help children in need of medical care and research.

Success, wealth, struggle, philanthropy – Justin Verlander’s story has it all. The kid from small-town Virginia made it to the top of the world, and he’s still the same humble ace, known for his competitive fire and zest for life.

The bottom line: A Pitching Phenom’s Road to Riches and Glory

Justin Verlander has amassed a sizeable fortune in his baseball career through big contracts, endorsements, investments, and business ventures. His dedication and longevity have allowed him to become one of the highest-paid pitchers in Major League Baseball history. At age 40, Verlander continues to perform at an elite level and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. According to multiple reports, Justin Verlander’s net worth is an estimated $170 million. His net worth will likely continue to rise in the coming years as he advances in his pitching career and expands into new business opportunities.

Though he continues to chase his ultimate goal of winning another World Series, he has already accomplished more than most pitchers could ever imagine. Verlander overcame struggles and doubts to become one of the most clutch big-game pitchers of all time. His perseverance, mental toughness, and love of baseball inspire both teammates and fans. Justin Verlander is a champion in every sense of the word.Curious about the net worth of other successful athletes like Angel Reese or celebrities from different professions like Andy Cohen? You can read the success stories of hundreds of other celebrities on InvestMage.

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