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While Theo keeps the specifics of his wealth private, it is estimated he now has a net worth between $2.4 -$2.7 million. Today we’re diving into the life and career of Theo Von, one of America’s most unique stand-up comedians. Known for his unorthodox and quirky style of comedy, Theo has been making people laugh for over two decades.

While he may not have the mainstream fame of comedians like Kevin Hart or Jerry Seinfeld yet, Theo has built up a loyal fanbase through constant touring, podcasting, and TV appearances. But how rich is Theo Von really, and what drives his unconventional comedy career?

Full NameTheodor Capitani von Kurnatowski
Net Worth$2.4 million – $2.7 million
Date of Birth and PlaceMarch 19, 1980 / Covington, Louisiana, U.S.
Occupations(s)Stand-up comedian, podcaster, TV personality
Marital StatusSingle
Theo Von performs at Whitney Hall (Source: Getty Images)

Who is Theo Von?

Theo Von is an American comedian born in 1980 to an older father who sadly passed away when Theo was just 16 years old. Theo was born in Covington, Louisiana, where according to Theo, “everyone’s a character.” He frequently describes his family as “white trash” and has incorporated hilarious stories from his childhood into his comedy routines and podcasts. Despite the hardships, Theo’s family instilled in him a sense of humor and taught him not to take life too seriously.

Though unmarried, Theo has been linked to reality TV star Brandi Glanville in the past.

After college, Theo moved to Los Angeles in the early 2000s to pursue comedy full-time. Like all aspiring comedians, Theo spent years grinding at open mics and tiny clubs, honing his craft and developing his perspective.

Theo got his first big break in comedy when he competed on Season 4 of Last Comic Standing in 2006. Although he only made it to the semi-finals, his unique comedic voice and style gained him national exposure. He released several comedy albums, appeared on late-night shows, and dropped two Netflix specials: No Offense in 2016 and Dark Arts in 2019.

Around this time, Theo also met Joe Rogan, a prolific stand-up comedian and host of the famous Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe took a liking to Theo and frequently had him on as a guest, helping to build Theo’s fanbase and introduce him to a wider audience.

Theo began touring vigorously, performing over 200 shows per year at comedy clubs and theaters across the U.S.

Building a Brand Through Podcasting

In recent years, Theo has become best known as a pioneer in comedy podcasting. Theo really broke into the mainstream with the success of his podcast “The King and the Sting” which he launched in 2018. The funny conversations and stories Theo shares with his guests have captivated audiences.

His podcast “This Past Weekend” has become a must-listen for comedy fans, with Theo and his guests sharing funny stories and discussing bizarre current events. Theo’s knack for casual, free-flowing conversation and his oddball opinions have made the show a surprise hit.

Theo makes a decent income from advertising, sponsorship deals, and ticket sales from his standup tours that were booked based on his rising podcast fame.

EducationMandeville High School, University of New Orleans
HobbiesNature walks, cycling
Height5’ 11” (182 cm)
Weight165 lbs (75 kg)
Zodiac SignPisces
Theo Von attends Entertainment Weekly’s Popfest at The Reef on 2016 (Source: Getty Images)

What is Theo Von’s net worth in 2023?

According to multiple estimates, Theo Von’s net worth is approximately $2.5 million in 2023. While not yet a fortune, it’s a testament to building a loyal following and a steady career over time. For Theo, money has never been the motivation – he simply aims to make people laugh and spread joy any way he can.

He’s also the host of popular podcasts like ‘’This Past Weekend and King and the Sting’’, which provide additional revenue through ads and fan sponsorships. With smart investments, comedy longevity, and his popular podcast empire, Theo Von’s fortune will likely only grow over time. But regardless of money, Theo’s real wealth lies in bringing laughter and joy to his fans worldwide.

The Core of Theo’s Comedy

At the core of Theo’s comedy and personality lies a genuine desire to connect people and spread “weird wisdom”. Whether performing on stage or chatting with fans, Theo sees his role as uniting people through laughter and joy.

Much of Theo’s success comes from his ability to tap into eccentric truths about the human experience and share them in an unconventional, yet relatable way. Though he’s amassed a fortune through comedy, Theo remains grounded in his desire to bring light into this world through offbeat storytelling and unusual perspectives.

The Bottom Line: From Open Mics to Podcast Dominance, Theo Von’s Rise and Net Worth Revealed

While Theo doesn’t publicly disclose his exact net worth, based on his comedy tours, podcast appearances, YouTube revenue, and other ventures, it’s estimated to be between $2.4 – $2.7 million. His podcast “This Past Weekend” brings in a sizable income on its own, and his comedy specials and frequent tour schedule allow him to command high performance fees.

Theo Von is one of the most eccentric and distinctive comedians working today. From his thick Louisiana drawl, to his unique storytelling style and offbeat sense of humor, Theo stands out in a crowd. Be sure to catch one of his live shows the next time he’s in your town – you never know what topics or opinions he might cover next.Net worth information obtained by researching many well-known people such as Theo Von is available on InvestMage. You can browse the site a little to learn about the success stories of 21 Savage, Katy Perry and many more.

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