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According to recent estimates, Ray William Johnson’s net worth is $8 million – $16 million. Ray William Johnson, known to his millions of fans simply as RWJ, has been one of the biggest stars on YouTube for over a decade. His main claim to fame was his popular series Equals Three, where he provided comedic commentary on viral videos. At the height of its popularity, Equals Three garnered over 9 million views per episode. Although the show ended in 2016, Ray William Johnson continues making comedic content and has built up an impressive fortune along the way.

Ray William Johnson is much more than just a YouTube star. He is an example of how releantless creativity, hard work and seizing opportunities can transform an early passion into huge mainstream success across multiple mediums. Let’s take a look at some less known facts about Ray to better understand how he became so successful.

Full NameRay William Johnson
Net Worth$8 million – $16 million
Date of Birth and PlaceAugust 14, 1981 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
Occupations(s)Internet celebrity
Marital StatusMarried

Who is Ray William Johnson?

Ray William Johnson on set of =3
Ray William Johnson on set of =3 (Source: Hollywoodreporter)

Ray William Johnson, often referred to as RWJ, is a comedian, actor, director and YouTube personality known for his comedy video series “=3.” Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ray first gained fame with his “=3” YouTube show which ran from 2008 to 2016.

Ray William Johnson has long been one of the most successful comedians on YouTube, creating sharp, witty humor that resonates with millions of young viewers. But just how rich has his comedy empire made him? Let’s take a look at the unconventional sources of Ray’s wealth and what he does with it.

Wife’s NameKelly Farrel
EducationNorman North High School
HobbiesStand-up comedy, playing video games
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight148 lbs (67 kg)
Zodiac SignLeo

Ray rose to fame in 2008 as the host of =3 (pronounced “Equals Three”), where he provided colorful commentary on the week’s best viral videos. His goofy and over-the-top reactions helped propel =3 into a massive hit, gaining over 9 million views per episode at its peak.

What is Ray William Johnson’s net worth in 2023?

Ray William Johnson currently has an estimated net worth of $8 million – $16 million. Ray William Johnson, one of YouTube’s first big stars, has racked up an impressive net worth over his many years of comedic video hosting.

While a far cry from the highest-paid YouTubers like Jeffree Star or PewDiePie, that is still an incredible amount for an internet comedian and personality. The bulk of RWJ’s wealth comes from the ads on his YouTube channel, sponsorships, and other business ventures.

An image from Ray William Johnson’s video How to Get a Date. (Source: Youtube / Ray William Johnson)

At his peak, Ray’s channel was earning $200,000 per month in advertising revenue sharing with YouTube. Ray was one of the first YouTubers to prove you could make a very good living as an internet entertainer and content creator. Ray’s estimated net worth today ranges from $8 million to as high as $16 million, according to various reports. Much of his active income comes from touring deals, brand sponsorships, and residual income from his entertainment ventures.

A Pioneer of YouTube Comedy

Ray William Johnson started out just making funny video reviews in his off-time for no money. But as his channel and audience grew, he was able to quit his day job and do =3 full time. The show became more and more popular, eventually reaching over 2 million views per episode. At this point, YouTube’s ad revenue sharing model kicked in and Ray started making serious money from the ads that would play before and during his videos.

Ray William Johnson was one of the first major YouTube comedians. He helped pioneer the format of comedic video commentary and reaction content. When he was most active, his videos consistently ranked among the highest viewed on all of YouTube. His rapid-fire jokes, awkward humor, and over-the-top reactions resonated with millions of fans seeking comedy on the burgeoning platform.

Ray’s Other Endeavors

Unlike many young stars who waste their riches on lavish parties and material goods, Ray invested much of his early YouTube money into building his business. He founded Runaway Planet, a multi-channel network that helped develop and promote other YouTube talent. Ray also co-founded Maker Studios, which went on to sell for $500 million to Walt Disney Company in 2014. Although Ray’s exact cut of the deal remains unknown, it likely provided him with financial security for life.

While =3 was Ray’s claim to fame, he has embarked on many other side projects over the years. He has also done some acting, appearing on TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen and The Annoying Orange.

YouTube star Ray William Johnson on set of =3
YouTube star Ray William Johnson on set of =3 (Source: Billboard Twitter)

Since ending Equals Three, Ray William Johnson has focused on new comedic ventures. He continues uploading sketches, reactions, and vlogs to his YouTube channel, though at a slower pace. He has also expanded into live tours, podcasting, music, and acting. His tour “RWJ Live” regularly sells out mid-size venues across North America. Ray William Johnson has proven his comedic skills translate beyond just riffing on viral videos.

His channel still has over 14.8 million dedicated subscribers, so while older =3 videos continue to generate money, any new uploads also make good money from YouTube’s AdSense program based on views and engagement.

Other Interesting Facts about Ray William

While Ray has undoubtedly amassed a large fortune from his comedy work, he is known to generously donate a significant portion of his wealth to charitable causes. He has given substantial funds to organizations that serve impoverished communities, help cure diseases, and provide for children in need. Ray sees his wealth as a tool to make a positive impact on the world beyond just bringing laughs.

  • Ray William Johnson dropped out of Columbia University School of General Studies to focus on his YouTube channel. It turned out to be a good decision!
  • RWJ currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His early videos were filmed in New York City.
  • Ray William Johnson was once the most subscribed person on YouTube. His channel now has over 14.8 million subscribers and 9.9 billion views.

The Bottom Line: The Millionaire Comedian Who Changed YouTube

Although Ray’s superstardom has faded from its heights in the early 2010s, he remains an influential figure as one of YouTube’s original content creators. His early investment in YouTube stardom built a financial foundation that will likely sustain him for years to come. Love him or hate him, Ray William Johnson shaped the landscape of YouTube comedy and inspired an entire generation of creators. His silly and over-the-top style of humor resonated with an entire generation of internet users and changed YouTube forever.

While his pace has slowed, RWJ remains an enduring star and internet icon. His surprising net worth is a testament to the opportunities that YouTube once offered—and a reminder of the Golden Age of YouTube, now long gone but not forgotten. With a passion for entertainment and a proven track record for creating content that audiences love, there’s no limit to how far Ray William Johnson’s empire and net worth may grow in the coming years.

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