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Financial experts estimate the Liver King’s net worth to be anywhere from $20 -22 million today. The primal lifestyle advocate and ancestral health expert Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, has taken the social media world by storm. His raw meat diet and intense workout videos have garnered him over 4.4 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. Many of his fans are curious to know Liver King’s net worth and how he has built his social media empire.

Full NameBrian Johnson
Net Worth$20 million – $22 million
Date of Birth and PlaceJuly 7, 1977 / San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Occupations(s)Social Media Fitness Influencer
Marital StatusMarried
Liver King at ringside in a UFC Fight
Liver King at ringside in a UFC Fight. (Source: Getty Images)

Who is Liver King?

Brian was born in 1978 and grew up in Texas. He describes his childhood as “awkward” and “disengaged.” Brian grew up as an ordinary kid in San Antonio before going to university to study business. But he struggled with a lack of vitality and energy throughout his youth. After graduating, he came across the works of Weston Price and other health advocates who emphasized nourishment from “nose to tail” whole foods and animal products.

Liver King did not become an overnight social media sensation. His journey began in his garage gym where he tirelessly experimented with different diets and exercise regimes to optimize his health and physical performance. After following various fad diets with no real results, Liver King discovered the ancestral way of eating – a nose-to-tail carnivore diet consisting of raw meats, organs and bone marrow. He credits this diet for giving him boundless energy, vitality and a chiseled physique.

In 2019, Liver King began sharing his unusual lifestyle on Instagram. His raw meat meals, backyard obstacle course workouts and philosophical rants about ancestral living quickly gained attention. Liver King’s social media following grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic as people searched for ways to become healthier and stronger. This mountain of a man with his larger-than-life personality and advocacy of the carnivore diet has amassed a huge following, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.With his growing fame, Liver King founded Ancestral Supplements, a nutraceutical company that sells grass-fed beef organs, bone marrow and other animal-based supplements.

Wife’s NameBarbara Johnson
ChildrenRad, Stryker
EducationTexas Tech University (degree in Biochemistry)
HobbiesOutdoor sports
Height5 ft 7in (170 cm)
Weight180 lbs (80 kg)
Zodiac SignAries

The King is not just all talk though. At 45, he sports an enviable physique and energy level that men half his age would aspire to. The Liver King website and social media channels now boast over 7 million followers who enjoy his fitness tips, nutrition advice and motivational messages.

What is Liver King’s net worth in 2023?

According to multiple estimates, Liver King’s net worth today is over $20 million. The bulk of his wealth comes from his supplement company Ancestral Supplements which sells a variety of popular products and brings in over $2 million in annual revenue. Liver King also earns income from brand sponsorships, speaking engagements, and other business ventures. His social media fame has opened up many opportunities for him to spread his message of ancestral living while also padding his pockets.

Ancestral Supplements, real estate holdings, brand sponsorships, and other business ventures appear to make up the bulk of his wealth.

Social Media Royalty

With over 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 250 million views on TikTok, the Liver King has solidified his place as a leading figure in alternative health and fitness social media. Sponsorships and brand deals with companies in those spaces have contributed generously to his net worth. Conservative estimates put his annual earnings from social media in the mid six figures.

Supplements, Coaching and Affiliate Deals

The Liver King team now offers a range of services to help people implement the ancestral lifestyle. This includes nutritional supplements like the “Ancestral Supplements” – a line of freeze-dried organ meat capsules, online fitness coaching programs and affiliate deals with brands that align with his philosophy. His reach has exploded in recent years as the “9 Ancestral Tenets” he follows – things like owning your power, embracing hardship and eating nose-to-tail – have resonated widely.

Brian also hosts exclusive in-person events at his gym compound in Austin, Texas where attendees get to train with him directly and dine on a range of raw organ meats. Tickets to these highly sought-after weekends don’t come cheap but many see it as an opportunity of a lifetime to learn from their idol.

While an exact figure for Liver King’s net worth is hard to determine, estimates put it between $20 to 22 million currently. Much of this comes from his supplement line, coaching programs, social media endorsements, and in-person events. At the rate his brand and business is expanding, his net worth is only going to increase substantially in the coming years. Not bad for a self-made fitness entrepreneur in his mid-40s!

His growing business empire includes:

  • Ancestral Supplements
  • Online Academy
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Public Appearances

Controversies and Critics

While his approach has appealed to many, Liver King has faced controversy for promoting extreme and potentially harmful diets. Critics argue that his recommendations lack nuance and scientific validity. Some have even accused him of steroid use, which Brian has denied.

Liver King eats raw liver. (Source: Instagram – Liver King)

The Carnivore King

Liver King credits his hulking physique and seemingly unlimited energy to following an all-animal diet, consuming pounds of raw liver and other meats every day. While nutritionists argue over the merits and safety of such an extreme diet, the Liver King’s carnivore lifestyle has spawned a whole movement and industry. His company, Ancestral Supplements, sells desiccated organ supplements and rakes in millions in revenue each year.

The Bottom Line: Liver King’s Journey to Health, Wealth, and Influence

What is truly admirable about Brian though is his genuine passion for helping others transform their lives with the ancestral lifestyle. His social media channels are full of inspirational stories of people overcoming health issues and regaining vitality. Brian’s magnetic personality and heart of gold is a big reason the Liver King has become such an icon, and why his empire will likely only continue to grow. While his methods may be unconventional, there is no doubting his devotion to helping others optimize their health and happiness.

While Liver King’s raw meat diet and intense workouts may not appeal to everyone, no one can deny his passion for optimum health and fitness. His growing wealth and social media influence show that ancestral wisdom still has an important place in today’s world. The Liver King has found success by ignoring fads, following his instincts, and forging his own path to Primal Self Mastery.Curious about other celebrities’ life stories and net worth? We have posts that accurately share the net worth of hundreds of other celebrities, including David Dobrik and Bobby Brown.

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